About Megan

Megan grew up and lived in Thame with her parents and younger brother. She went to Barley Hill Primary School then to Lord Williams’s School. She had passed eight GCSEs, and was in her final year studying for her A-levels at LWS.

It’s difficult to describe Megan, as she had so many great and wonderful traits to her personality and character. She was caring, thoughtful, supportive, funny, loyal, adventurous, and hard working.

She loved her family, her friends, her time at school, her social life, and her music; in fact she enjoyed pretty much everything that she did. She was a friend to everyone who knew her. One of her friends summarized this as “if you didn’t like Bid, then you didn’t know Bid!”. She had a part-time job at Burger King, which enabled her to fund her frequent visits to concerts in London & Birmingham, as having fun times with her friends and going to concerts were her main priorities.

Megan was always keen to help with local charitable causes, and as always, had a great time doing it. Some that she had been regularly involved with were Lighthouse, SAFARI, Duck Race & Christmas float, and Thame Youth Memorial.

After years of suffering from migraines, she had an unexpected reaction to her migraine medication, and she died on 2 March 2015, aged 18.

She leaves behind a legacy of kindness and loving, which will live on in her countless friends who loved every minute spent with her.

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